Podcast: Raj Sisodia on Looking Inward as a Leader

August 04, 2023
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

Are you a leader who doesn’t like to show weakness?

Are you a leader that will just power through inner struggle to get things done, no matter the cost to your mental or physical health?

Are you a leader that is constantly immersing yourself in your work to escape past or present trauma?

None of those things are necessarily wrong. But they can’t be good. Or sustainable.

Throughout his writing career, Raj Sisodia has put together a roadmap of how businesses can be a powerful force for good in the world through his detailed stories of conscious organizations and their leadership.

In addition to co-founding the Conscious Capitalism organization which sprung from the book of the same name that he co-wrote with John Mackey, Raj is the author of books such as Firms of Endearment, The Healing Organization and he was the co-author of Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman’s book, Everybody Matters.

However, in Raj’s new book, he uses his own story to show others how to turn inward if they want to be an effective, empathetic and truly human leader.

The book is called Awaken: The Path to Purpose, Inner Peace, and Healing. It is an intensely personal work, but by sharing his own story and learned wisdom, Raj hopes that it will have a significant impact on others, leading them to lives of healing and purpose.

On this podcast, Raj and I have a conversation about Awaken.  We talk about the circumstances that inspired his turn inward, which then inspired the idea to write the book. But we also place it in the context of why the story he tells in Awaken is important for leaders.

Raj and I also catch up on a few other topics, including the state of business education. Raj is one of many people who are working alongside Barry-Wehmiller to transform the way universities and business schools train leaders.

You can listen to this episode through the link above or your favorite podcast provider.


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