Podcast: Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat, Shakti Leadership

August 03, 2016
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

“Vulnerability is not a liability, it’s an ability.”

This is a quote from my friend and co-author, Raj Sisodia, from this week’s episode of the Everybody Matters podcast.

Raj was speaking about the benefits of bringing both the masculine and feminine sides of our psyche that exists inside every one of us to our leadership every day. Moving from leadership that is about acquiring power to leadership that nurtures and inspires people.

ShaktiphotoWe at Barry-Wehmiller have long believed that there’s room for emotion and caring in business. Raj helped me explore those ideas in our book, Everybody Matters:  The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family. Now Raj has a new book, Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business, written with Nilima Bhat.

On this week’s podcast, Raj and Nilima define Shakti Leadership and how it aligns and strengthens the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.




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