Podcast: Leadership Alliance on Recruiting, Hiring, Retention and More

December 15, 2021
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

"Putting people in the right job is an act of caring leadership."

There are many ways to be a caring leader. We talk about them on this podcast all the time.

But one way we don’t often mention is how that factors into the recruiting and hiring process. As leaders, shouldn’t we always try our best to put our people in a position of success? Why would we ever want to set them up for failure?

That’s why when we hire, we need to be very purposeful about the people we bring into our span of care. We want them to start from a position of success.

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute is Barry-Wehmiller’s consulting arm that specializes in helping other companies improve their leadership, company culture and customer loyalty. And they have recently announced the acquisition of Leadership Alliance – a data-driven business equipped with a team of consultants who all have their Ph.D. in psychology – who help leaders understand the science behind talent acquisition and development.

Leadership Alliance was founded in St. Louis nearly 24 years ago and has evolved to support local and global businesses across multiple industries in pre-employment testing, executive assessments, leadership development, and succession planning.

Recently, Chapman & Co’s Founding Partner, Matt Whiat, sat down with Leadership Alliance Partners, Karen Weller and David Weller to talk about a number of pressing issues in recruiting, engagement and retention in today’s world, including The Great Resignation, building culture over Zoom, remote work polices, how to approach interviews, and they also talk about the way they help companies find, develop and retain talent for the benefit of all involved.


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