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January 26, 2024
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

We at Barry-Wehmiller realized some time ago that we cannot build a better world alone.

We saw how business could be a force for good and that the principles of Truly Human Leadership that evolved in our company were a gift to be shared.

We also knew that, even though some businesses had good intentions in how they viewed and treated their people, they needed help to actualize caring inside their organizations. The traditional way of doing business by seeing people as functions for the success of the share price was a mindset that had shaped too many leaders.

We also came to see that the way that we lead affects the way people live. And not just during the “40 hours” put in each week. Leaders affect the home lives of the individuals within their span of care.

As we learned from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the person you report to at work can be more important to your health than your family doctor.

So, to have more partners in creating a better world, to help business become the force for good that it could be, we needed more companies to have better leaders. And that is why, nine years ago, we created Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute.

Chapman & Co. taps into the 20+ years of insight we gained while transforming Barry-Wehmiller into a thriving $3.5B people-focused organization.

Since their formation, Chapman & Co. has worked with more than 600 organizations across a variety of industries – including airlines, manufacturers, and supermarket chains – to build strong cultures that drive strong businesses.

As they say at Chapman & Co., just like people, no two organizations are the same. Organizations are complex. That’s why leaders are the difference.   

The right leadership builds high-performing teams capable of meeting an organization's challenges.

The right leadership can build people up instead of breaking them down.

The right leadership can help an organization be a force for good.

That’s why the team of Chapman & Co. is working with all those organizations to identify, develop and equip their leaders.

Chapman & Co. recently launched a new website so we wanted to take the opportunity to reintroduce them and highlight some of their offerings that may be new to our audience.

We’d like to share two new episodes of our Truly Human Leadership podcast that highlights different aspects of Chapman & Co.’s work. You can listen to our podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Audible or through the YouTube links below:


Leadership in Times of Transition

A few years ago, Chapman & Co. acquired Leadership Alliance – a data-driven talent acquisition and development business equipped with a team of consultants, many of whom have their Ph.D. in psychology.

The Leadership Alliance brand is now officially combining under the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute name, which has inspired a number of emotions around the transition, especially from Leadership Alliance’s founders.

This podcast explores this transition in the hope that it can help other organizations in their own change journeys. We explore some of the things to keep in mind to make transitions as smooth as possible for the people inside the business.

Chapman & Co.’s Matt Whiat talks to David and Karen Weller, Leadership Alliance founders and current partners in Chapman & Co. These leaders share their experiences and insight on leadership in transition, as well as on identifying and developing leaders.


Identifying Leaders with Melinda Bremley of Chapman & Co.

Dr. Melinda Bremley is the newest Partner at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, Barry-Wehmiller’s consulting arm that specializes in helping other organizations unleash the extraordinary in their businesses and their people.

Melinda and the rest of the team at Chapman & Co do this by helping those organizations identify, develop and equip their leaders. You can learn more about Chapman & Co. on their website:

Melinda has over 25 years of experience in executive coaching, excelling in nurturing leadership at various career stages. At Chapman & Co., Melinda plays a pivotal role in realizing their mission, bringing extensive experience in creating and maintaining selection processes across organizational levels. Notably, she also spearheads succession planning and CEO/President performance feedback processes.

Before joining Chapman & Co., Melinda held senior leadership roles at Psychological Associates and founded Bremley Partners Consulting, Inc.  She’s also an adjunct professor of Graduate studies at Villanova University, sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

On this podcast, we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Melinda Bremley through a discussion she had with two other Chapman & Co team members, Morgan Witzig and Jessie Turner. They talk about Melinda’s background and experience, but also talk about leadership coaching, the benefits of assessments, AI and leadership and Melinda talks about some of the biggest challenges she is seeing leaders face at the moment.

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