Turning Leadership On Its Head

August 08, 2017
  • Jane Adshead-Grant
  • Jane Adshead-Grant
    Master Certified Coach | Facilitator | Leadership Speaker | Author

Last fall, when I participated in the inaugural teaching of the Barry-Wehmiller case study at Harvard Business School, one of the global senior executives in the class approached me and handed me a book.

“My wife has written a book about listening,” he said. “Like you, she believes it is one of the most important skills in leadership so I’d like you to have a copy.”

A few weeks ago, Jane Adshead-Grant, the author of that book, travelled from the UK to St. Louis, MO (USA) to see what we’re all about at Barry-Wehmiller. Jane is an executive coach who helps individuals develop their leadership skills.

After hearing what her husband had learned about Barry-Wehmiller at Harvard and then reading my book, Jane was compelled to attend “Think Like a Leader,” one of our BW Leadership Institute (now Chapman & Co. Leadership Instituteread more here) courses during which they explore what it means to lead. For many attendees, it completely changes the way they think about leadership. Additionally, to most people’s surprise–Jane included, it also changes the way they think about their relationships with the ones they love. Read on to hear about Jane’s experience.

Turning Leadership On Its Head

by Jane Adshead-Grant

Can you imagine a workplace where you are listened to; where your thoughts and ideas are pro-actively sought? Can you imagine a workplace where you feel appreciated for your gifts and are encouraged to continually find and improve, not only your talents, but also the systems and processes with which you work? Can you imagine going home each evening to your family and friends saying ‘I love my job’ because of the way your team members and leader cared for you?

Well, this was my experience from my recent visit to the corporate headquarters of Barry-Wehmiller in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Barry-Wehmiller is…[read more]


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