Podcast: A Harvard Case Study of Truly Human Leadership

July 06, 2023
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

Quite a few years ago, Harvard Business School wrote a case study on a very remarkable time in Barry-Wehmiller’s history.

If you’ve read Everybody Matters, you’ll recall it was about a period in the 1980’s when we made some very important financial decisions that ultimately transformed our company.

In 2016, Harvard Business School decided Barry-Wehmiller was again a good subject for a case study. This time, however, it was about how our views of responsibility for our people impact our business. As of 2022, it is now taught at 80 business schools.

112515_Minor_Dylan_0275-254x300The authors of the case study, Jan Rivkin and Dylan Minor, are featured on this episode of our podcast.

They talk about the case study method of teaching, why they chose Barry-Wehmiller as a subject, how business school students are responding to people-centric principles and how Truly Human Leadership might apply in our current business and political climate.




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