Podcast: Jane Adshead-Grant, The Changing Landscape of Leadership

April 16, 2019
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

In this week’s Everybody Matters Podcast, our friend Jane Adshead-Grant shares what she believes to be key in furthering our hope to build a better world:

As we begin to share the message of what it means to be a Truly Human Leader, to take the responsibility of leadership and be this great steward of people who have been entrusted to us… What I see, time and time again is that there are few role models that enable our future generations to be this way. And so, for me, it’s about how do we role model this way of being in the world? And it isn’t just at work, you know, it’s how we show up in every day life.

We are fortunate to have Jane as one of those role models.

Jane shares quite a bit of insight in this episode, including a discussion of the challenges of the changing landscape of leadership. Based in the UK, she has been a leadership coach and mentor for almost 20 years and she also works with our BW Leadership Institute (now Chapman & Co. Leadership Instituteread more here.)

In a conversation with Mary Rudder, Barry-Wehmiller’s Director of Communications, Jane talks about some of the challenges her clients are facing in today’s world and the tools she uses to help them become better leaders.



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