Podcast: Leader Expectations and Commitments

December 14, 2023
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

At Barry-Wehmiller, we consider leadership to be an awesome responsibility--it holds the key to growing our business and, as important, improving the lives of our team members.

So, it’s of great importance that all formal leaders throughout Barry-Wehmiller be accountable to fulfilling the essential responsibilities of leadership. Part of that is helping the team members in our span of care understand how they, as individuals, contribute each day to our organization and our shared purpose and vision.

It’s our job, as leaders, to help them establish goals so they know how to contribute, to remove barriers that get in the way of them achieving their goals, and help them chart a path for their growth.

Our team members deserve that and, consequently, if we’re asking them to contribute, we must ensure that they are led by leaders who have the skills to help them perform and the courage to care about them along the way.

A few years ago, we introduced Team Member Expectations & Commitments to educate all team members within Barry-Wehmiller about what was expected of us in our role and the essential actions to undertake and keep in mind daily. 

At that time, we also introduced Leader Expectations & Commitments, developed to help all formal Barry-Wehmiller leaders with team members in their span of care understand the actions and skills needed to embody Truly Human Leadership.

Those five Leader Expectations are:



The Commitments—or actions-- that help leaders fulfill those Expectations are:


On this podcast, we thought we’d explore Barry-Wehmiller’s leader expectations and commitments through five outstanding leaders in our organization. You’ll get to hear how they view these expectations in the scope of their responsibilities and how they try to apply the commitments in their daily interactions and leadership of those within their span of care.

You'll hear from:

Rachana Creeth, who is the COO and CFO of BW Packaging, our companies who provide packaging equipment to companies for use in the food, beverage, personal care, household, pharmaceutical and other industries. Rachana talks about how to “Be the Message” and what that means. She also talks about feedback, accountability, how our company values are important to her and her family.

Sebastian Vega is a partner in Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, our company that is a provider of engineering, consulting, and technical services to the world’s leading companies in the Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Advanced Technology, Industrial, and other market sectors. Sebastian talks about what it means to cultivate enduring relationships as a leader.  

George Senn is a production leader for our BW Papersystems company, who produces machines that turn paper into consumer goods. If you look around your house, you’ll most likely find an item made by those machines for one of our customers – a shipping box from an online order, a pizza box from last night’s dinner, stationery or maybe a passport. George talks about what we mean when we say that leaders should help co-create the future, including planning for the future, valuing differences, managing complexity and using operational excellence tools.  

Tammy Daus is a parts sales leader in our BW Converting platform. Our group of companies who make machines that produce and package household items like toilet paper, tissue, hygiene products and other paper related products. Tammy talks about bringing out the best in each individual, while touching on recognition and celebration and ensuring accountability. Tammy also gives some advice to new leaders.

Brian Strini from our Machine Solutions company that designs and builds advanced equipment for the medical device, biopharmaceutical and blood- and plasma­ collection industries. Brian will talk about achieving values based results, while touching on continuous improvement, ensuring accountability, driving engagement. He also gives advice to new leaders while telling a personal story that illustrates how his role and company mission is important to him.

Our hope is that you hear how we are doing things within our organization to institutionalize Truly Human Leadership and give our leaders the skills and courage to care and think about your own organization. Think about your own leaders. What values guide their decisions?

Leadership is hard work. It requires knowledge and training and trial and error. It requires feedback and reflection and persistence. But your personal investment in the work of leadership is worth it. Your team members deserve to be cared for and coached by Truly Human Leaders so that they can contribute, grow and be fulfilled.

Truly Human Leadership is an awesome responsibility! Are you ready to accept it?


You can listen to this podcast through the link above or through your favorite podcast provider.


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