Podcast: Randall Fleming and the Life-Changing Power of Meaningful Work

November 30, 2023
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

While presenting our message of Truly Human Leadership, our CEO Bob Chapman is often asked: What about the people who don't get it? What about the people who actively work against positive change?

Barry-Wehmiller has acquired (or, as we'd rather say, adopted) more than 130 companies and as Bob once wrote:

We realize that when we acquire a company, the people within that company are a product of their experiences. They may have experienced great leaders in their past or, more likely, they have had some negative experiences. Consequently, some have difficulty trusting our leadership message. That’s okay. We’re all at a different point on this journey, and we have to be patient and trust that the skeptics will eventually see the transformative power it can have—on both their work lives and their personal lives.

On this podcast, you'll hear the story of Randall Fleming, who was a welder in what became our BW Papersystems company in Phillips, Wisconsin. It features interviews with Randall, as well as BW team members Ken Coppens and Maureen Schloskey.

Randall's story is testament to the life-changing power of meaningful work. It's what happens when you establish a workplace culture of empathy and shared purpose as opposed to the "command and control" atmosphere of most traditional management environments.

Randall's story is an illustration of when we say that the way we lead impacts the way people live. He not only found more fulfillment in his work, his whole life completely changed. And Randall then became a leader, mentor and inspiration to others.

You can listen to this episode through the link above or your favorite podcast provider.

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