Podcast: The Object of Leadership

January 16, 2019
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

I’ve written many times about my three “revelations” that formed the basis for Barry-Wehmiller’s journey to Truly Human Leadership.

The one that always gets the most reaction is the wedding story. In short, as I watched a friend walk his daughter down the aisle, I realized that every single one of Barry-Wehmiller’s team members are like that young lady. Every single one of them is someone’s precious child, with hopes and dreams for a future through which they can realize their full potential.

The power in that revelation was the realization that the people within our span of care are not objects. Some leaders view their people merely as the function they serve—she’s an engineer, he’s a mail clerk, he’s a machinist—and not as the precious human beings they are.

When we realize that people are not objects, they are not tools for our success, we have begun to take our leadership to an entirely new level of understanding.

On this week’s Everybody Matters Podcast, David Vandermolen, Barry Wehmiller University’s “Leadership Sensei” talks about this very subject. Make sure to also check out David’s previous two appearances, “The Shape of Leadership” and “The Swag Bag of Leadership.”

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