Podcast: Q&A with Bob Chapman pt. 2

December 09, 2019
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

This is the second part of the Everybody Matters Podcast where I answer questions submitted by our social media audience. You will find the questions below the You Tube embed. Don’t forget to go back and listen to part one.

I appreciate everyone who took the time to send in questions. I think it is a wonderful dialogue. More to come!

Questions asked this episode:

What is your favorite method of giving feedbacks to your employees?


It is interesting that when the topic of incentive compensation comes up among people interested in what we might broadly term as conscious capitalism, many seem uncomfortable with the idea. It’s as if paying someone a bonus for goal attainment or growth is somehow incompatible with the notion of loving and respecting your employees. I’d like Bob to comment on his philosophy around incentive compensation (and other forms of incentives). And, if he believes they have a place in running an organization in which everybody matters, how does he approach the use of incentives, e.g., is everyone eligible…what sorts of things does he think should be rewarded, etc.?


What are the dangers of micro managing and how do you feel the easiest way to stop managers from micro managing?


 I just was at an event and heard people speak about a strong push to assure that workers feel welcomed by other employees and not just management.  How are you handling employee to employee relationships and team building?


My question- our firm has grown from 5 locations to over 30 in less than 5 years. What best practice can you share for teams that are spread out across many locations to build more meaningful relationships and show that everybody matters?


I have read your book ”Everybody Matters” as well as “The Healing Organization” by Mr. Sisodia.

I want to say thank you for you alls insightful outlook on life and business.

I personally call you ”The People’s CEO” biting off Muhammad Ali’s “The People’s Champ” because you echo th sentiments of many people.

What advice would you give company leaders who do not cultivate family friendly environment such sponsoring none spouse invited events?


If Everybody matters, what should we do to help them grow and improve in both their careers and life?


If you were able implement only one aspect of your culture philosophy into an organization, which one would you implement and why?

-Megan #Bobchapmanrocks

I am from switzerland and I follow the human leadership blog since years. Here is my question.

How do you approach people in your organisation who are toxic to their business surounding? Can you develop them to become high perfomer or do they have to leave the company after some unsuccessful coaching?


What will it take to get more CEO’s of both for profit and not for profit organizations to understand that people come first in their organizations?


my question to you : How do you get others to accept your ideas?


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