Podcast: Q&A with Bob Chapman pt. 1

November 26, 2019
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

A few weeks ago, we asked followers of Barry-Wehmiller on social media to send in questions that I would answer on the Everybody Matters Podcast.

We were overwhelmed by the response! We appreciate the time and thoughtfulness of everyone who submitted their questions. There were so many, the answers will be spread across multiple episodes of the podcast. I enjoyed the dialogue with you all so much, we may take questions like this on a regular basis.

In this time of Thanksgiving in the U.S. we are very thankful for all of the Barry-Wehmiller teammates around the world who are a daily inspiration and we’re thankful for you, loyal readers and followers, who help spread our message of Truly Human Leadership.

Questions asked this episode:

I work for the fire brigade in Australia and therefore the government l don’t know where to start as the Organisation is large and everyone seems to just want to get through to retirement and those in power don’t dare make a decision for fear of the government

Mr. Chapman, What is the first step towards an employee-centric culture?

Hi Bob, my question to you is what was the hardest thing you had to do as a leader?

Bob – I’ve always admired Barry Wehmiller’s values-centered approach. When did you most recently time leverage one of your organization’s core values and what impact did that help you create?

My question for Bob is, “what is one humanistic skill that you are stretching right now and why? e.g. listening, courage, presencing etc

What fundamentally drove you to want to work in a ‘corporate’ business environment initially and how does that differ, perhaps to how you feel now?
What do you see as some of the most common communications misunderstandings you have experienced or noticed 30 years ago (for example) as compared to now?
In the age of social media and online communications, what do you see are some of the ways we can retain ‘professionalism’ in communication without being viewed as ‘old fashioned’.
What is your definition of ‘professionalism’ and has its tenets changed for you over the years?

What are, in your view, the four most essential abilities-competencies to cultivate for a CEO to carry out successfully effective leadership?

What are the top one or two qualities you look for when hiring a leader? (And, if you’re willing, how do you go about identifying that a given candidate has those qualities)?

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