Pneumatic Scale Angelus debuts CB100R craft canning line at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Rotary counter-pressure filling pairs with rotary Angelus seaming in a compact footprint

  • Pneumatic Scale Angelus

STOW, Ohio — Sept. 6, 2023 — Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA), a BW Packaging company, will introduce its CB100R at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, held September 11 to 13. As the latest addition to PSA’s craft beverage canning line portfolio, the CB100R marries rotary counter-pressure filling with rotary Angelus seaming in a compact footprint, operating at more than 100 cans per minute (CPM). 

Asserting its commitment to innovation, PSA will showcase the CB100R in the BW Rigid Systems section of BW Packaging’s booth, located at C-1800. This will be the 6th year since 2017 that PSA has debuted an innovation for the craft market, underscoring its focus on helping customers grow their operations by providing a full complement of systems scaled for various stages of canning maturity.

Similar to prior PSA counter-pressure models, such as the CB50C and CB100C, the new CB100R serves the needs of producers interested in canning beer, cider, seltzer, carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and more, at carbonation levels of up to 4.1 vols (8 g/l) CO2. Adding a rotary three-spindle seamer allows for faster speeds, and a smooth continuous-motion transition from filling to seaming, eliminating unnecessary agitation. Cans are purged of oxygen prior to filling, with configurable purge and snift times to control foaming. Under cover gassing at the turret lid feed and a bubble breaker positioned ahead of the Angelus seamer serve to keep Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels to an industry-leading minimum.

“Our CB100R builds upon the successes of our existing counter-pressure lines, with the added advantages of a full rotary system,” said Mike Davis, PSA’s Product Line Leader for Can Filling. “The combination of a rotary filling turret with rotary seaming means we’re able to increase the number of cans traveling through the system, maintaining best-in-class Angelus seam integrity without creating any increase in product agitation. Ultimately, this allows us to eliminate the unwanted reductions in carbonation levels that are seen with other filling methods.”

Like PSA’s other counter-pressure models, the CB100R employs true isobarometric filling, with a gravity-fed onboard product filler bowl (rated to 60 psi/4 bar), where the can being filled and the product going into the can are at equal pressure, maintaining carbonation solubility throughout the filling process. Precision magnetic flowmeters ensure filling accuracy, with little to no waste.

“The advantage of the full rotary CB100R design is a smaller footprint than other rotary and linear formats,” said Adam Brandt, PSA’s Vice President of Sales. “The addition of the rotary seamer means we can achieve faster speeds in a more compact design. This is great for brewers who want to increase production without requiring additional space, which is often already at a premium.”

The CB100R system includes quick-change can handling parts and recipe-driven automatic motorized turret height adjustment to accommodate multiple can sizes, as well as an automated clean-in-place (CIP) routine with customizable settings for easy cleaning between product changes. An intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) for individual fill head volume adjustments simplifies operation.

PSA is part of BW Packaging and works alongside the other primary packaging businesses, including BW Flexible Systems, BW Integrated Systems and Synerlink. For a complete view of BW Packaging’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas lineup—which also includes packaging innovations from the other BW Packaging companies—or to schedule a meeting with a PSA team member, visit