Joel Akron (OH), USA
Melissa Green Bay (WI), US
Darren St. Louis (MO), US
Peter Barcelona, Spain
Jaudith Akron (OH), US
Jessica Alpharetta (GA), US
Frank Neuwied, Germany
Asuka Tokyo, Japan
Lee Green Bay (WI), US

We’re showing what’s possible
at the intersection of great
business strategy and
profound care for people.

Better work. Better lives.Better world.

Our commitment to taking care of the people who make our business possible tops our list of company’s values. It’s the same commitment you’ll experience if you partner with our industrial equipment and engineering companies to bring your products to the people who use them every day, you engage with our leadership institute to help you build great culture and develop leaders, or you simply connect with us to explore our ideas on people-centered leadership. It’s how we’re building a better world.

Insight from Bob Chapman and Barry-Wehmiller's leadership journey
From Barry-Wehmiller: Think Long-term to Retain Talent
According to Spencer, central to why Barry-Wehmiller workers stepped up and went above and beyond for customers is linked with the strength of the company’s culture. Spencer defines the company’s culture as “people and performance in harmony”.