Mike Monarchi

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Monarchi
The mission of Barry-Wehmiller is not just about making profits - there are much more profound goals, at the societal level, of how to steward our people and communities.

In his role as Barry-Wehmiller’s Chief Financial Officer, Michael Monarchi helps visibly connect key strategic goals directly to company financial targets.

Impressed by the organization’s emphasis on people, as well as its growth trajectory, Mike joined Barry-Wehmiller in 2020, bringing a focus on operational and financial process discipline, along with a commitment to teamwork, problem-solving and personal development.

As Vice President of Finance of the hydraulics division at Eaton, Mike helped drive financial and operational performance improvements, while also guiding the business through a cultural transformation. Prior to Eaton, he worked for General Electric for more than 20 years, where he participated in the company’s financial management and corporate audit staff programs, and held numerous leadership positions in the power and aviation divisions.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics from Union College.