Podcast: Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia

January 20, 2023
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

If you follow our Truly Human Leadership Podcast, you've probably noticed a number of episodes called a "THL Refresher."

This is where we take past podcast episodes and refresh them to re-share. After 140 episodes, some older shows may have dropped off your favorite streaming service. Many of these interviews and discussions are evergreen topics that are still insightful today and we want t keep these voices available to inspire.

This episode features two separate interview with our friend, Raj Sisodia, one of the founders of Conscious Capitalism and Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman, around the publication of their book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family.

As you probably know, Everybody Matters is the story of Bob and Barry-Wehmiller’s journey to from traditional business thinking to Truly Human Leadership. And all these years later, people are still discovering the book and are touched by the story.

I think you'll find these interviews as fresh and applicable as they were at the time and will give you a little more context into Bob and Raj's book and why it was written.



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