Podcast: Jacob Stoller and The Lean CEO

December 10, 2015
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

It should all start with people.

When Barry-Wehmiller began our Lean journey a number of years ago, that was CEO Bob Chapman's concern, that people would be lost along the way. But we found a way to adopt Lean methods and stay true to our Guiding Principles of Leadership.

Instead of using Lean to reduce waste, we use it to reduce frustration. We even gave our vision of Lean a new name – The Living Legacy of Leadership, which is about engaging people’s head, heart and hands in creating their own future and actively shaping the legacy of the business every day.

On this podcast, Jacob Stoller, author of The Lean CEO, talks about his book, which features a number of organizations, like Barry-Wehmiller that found a way to empower people, not processes. And that is the true power of Lean.

On this episode, you'll also hear a mini-documentary on the history of Barry-Wehmiller's lean journey.


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