Podcast: Jacob Morgan and The Future Leader

February 20, 2020
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

There is a hunger for a new kind of leadership.

Throughout business and organizations, people continue to be taught to be managers, not leaders. They make sure everyone is in their seat on time, they take headcount for the day, they check off the boxes of daily tasks.

But this is changing. As the evidence of the success of caring organizations becomes overwhelming, organizational leadership is reconnecting with their own humanity and recognizing the humanity of those they lead. They are recognizing that the people within their span of care are not numbers on a spreadsheet that are part of the calculations that equal profit and loss, but someone’s precious children and should be treated accordingly. They are recognizing that the people within their span of care are not just functions, but whole beings who are capable of so much more than the role into which they’ve been pigeonholed.

Leaders inspire. Leaders care. Leaders help people grow. It’s not about the tasks, it’s about the person.

When we treat people with respect and dignity and create opportunities through which they can realize their potential and be appreciated for it, we, in business, can really impact the world in a positive way.

Jacob Morgan interviewed myself and 140 other CEOs and leaders for his new book, The Future Leader. He took that insight and turned it into a roadmap for leaders present and future to see that leadership is not management, it’s something much bigger and much more valuable.

This is Jacob’s second appearance on the Everybody Matters Podcast. You can hear Jacob talk about his research on the future of leadership on this week’s episode.


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