Coffee Conversations Ep. 3: The Five Listening Skills

June 09, 2020
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller
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I’d like to share something written by David VanderMolen, one of our professors in Barry-Wehmiller University.

The Way of Listening 

We live in a world where very few folks take the time or invest the effort to extend themselves to truly listen to others without judgment or intention to alter their views.

In general, we neither know how to listen nor do we have the maturity to accept the feelings and thoughts of others, especially if their views or values differ from our own.

If we as a people here on this planet were to learn how to listen and we were to invest ourselves in the practice of listening to the people who are in our immediate span of care, our family and friends, a change for the good would occur.

If we were to push that same practice out beyond the borders of our loved-ones to listen to those who seem on the surface to be wildly different than we are; we’d likely learn we have much more in common and have way more similarities than differences and a change for the good would occur.

Listening, truly listening to people, affords the one being listened to the unique opportunity to touch the divine. Think of it, when we are listened to we become a recipient of acceptance, unconditional positive regard and genuine empathy which is a shadowy reflection of how most faiths describe God’s constant posture towards all people here on this planet. Listening to others is remarkably akin to loving others. If people experienced a touch of the divine and legitimate love, a change for the good would occur.

We could be much better for each other. We could be healing each other. We could be mending broken hearts into wholeness. We could be fixing alienation by finding affinity with each other. We could be learning how to live, love and lead from each over feuding with each other. If we were to pursue this, a change for the good would occur.

There could be a real change for the good... We could be a real change for the good if only we learned to live the way of listening to each other and with other.

David is the host of our Coffee Conversations video series, created to share our internal leadership training with the world in a creative and memorable way. I encourage you to watch this week’s episode through the link above and practice the skills David shares. You will experience a significant impact in your life and those around you.

Make sure to also watch Coffee Conversations Ep. 1 and Ep. 2!

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