Today’s Cleaners, Tomorrow’s Leaders

June 17, 2015
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller

Tomorrow’s leaders are walking through your organization’s doors today. Are you ready for them?

I recently posed that question on this blog. This new generation, the Millennials, will make up two-thirds of the workforce in 15 years. They want to work for companies who have cultures where all team members can thrive. They want you to be a leader, not a manager. They want their work experiences to offer them more than just a paycheck.

So, as Kristen Hadeed says, “You have to find a way to show us how our work matters every single day.”

Kristen, a good friend of the Barry-Wehmiller organization, is a truly human leader of the millennial generation who understands this and founded a company with those values.

I’ve written before about Kristen and her company, Student Maid, launched in 2009 when she was a junior at the University of Florida. Student Maid is an all-student cleaning company that today employs more than 400 college students in two cities with plans for expansion.

Kristen’s recent TEDx Talk, “The Millennial Myth” was just released. In it, she talks about her company’s culture and the positive effect it is having on this generation. By creating a culture of empowerment and accountability, Student Maid is building leaders who are confident and have pride in their work.

Through the link above, watch Kristen’s talk for more Truly Human insight on how you can build a workplace where these people matter.

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