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October 15, 2015
  • Bob Chapman
  • Bob Chapman
    CEO & Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller
For too long, the primary value exchange between employees and their employers has been time for money, and not much more. Bob Chapman is suggesting a deeper, richer value exchange: We will invest in you not just as a worker but also as a human being. – The New York Times
This is simply one of the best new business books I’ve read in a LONG time. – The Chief Happiness Officer Blog



Last week, when Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family was released, it was the culmination of almost two years of work by a great team of people.

So many team members throughout Barry-Wehmiller lent their time, gifts and wisdom to help Raj Sisodia and I bring Everybody Matters into the world. But we also had a so much support from our friends in Penguin/ Random House’s Portfolio imprint, who are pictured above.

It was their talents and expertise that helped shape the book into something that could impact a wide audience. They worked hard to tell as many people about it as possible, as shown on the media page of the book website and in a few photos from our book launch week in New York:


Ray Hoffman will tell the story of Everybody Matters on WCBS’ CEO Radio.


Dr. Moira Gunn interviewed me for her show, NPR’s Tech Nation.


Photographer Brian Bloom shot my portrait for a “Reinventing Leadership” profile for the December issue of Insigniam Quarterly.


I was able to visit with my good friend, Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why.


I found a few good books while signing Everybody Matters at Barnes and Noble.


And now the real work begins.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably think as we do: there’s a better way to do business. Everybody Matters is a major step forward in helping other organizations create environments where meaningful work among people who care is the norm. Now that the book has been released into the world, we need even more people to join our team. We need your help. If we’re going to change the world with our message of Truly Human Leadership, if we want other businesses to show their people that they matter, we need to spread the word.

Share your book or the book’s website with other people in your organizations. Share it on social media, tell your friends – whatever you can do. We’re not in this for money or fame, we’re in it to make a difference and we’re in it for the long haul.


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