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hands, heads & hearts required.

Many businesses look at their employees as a means to accomplish tasks. Simply put, they engage only the hands of their employees. At Barry-Wehmiller, we look at our team members as true partners in creating meaningful work for themselves and a sustainable future for all of us. In other words, we engage their hands, as well as their heads and hearts in contributing to real and lasting change in the organization. To do so, we created the Living Legacy of Leadership, or L3 Journey, a strategy that fuses the Lean tools of improvement with our deep commitment to caring for people as articulated in our Guiding Principles of Leadership. By coupling people-centric leadership practices with process improvement tools we allow our people to fully share their gifts in creating positive impact on the business while experiencing positive impact in their lives.

Through L3, dedicated members of the L3 Team work to facilitate improvement projects throughout all disciplines of the business, not just in our manufacturing plants. Projects run the gamut from as comprehensive as value stream mapping to as simple as organizing a supply cabinet. The difference is that, as an organization that places a priority on human connection, we deeply engage our team members in offering their ideas and feelings about the event and its outcomes. As a result, there is as much reward from the process as there is from the results. Team members feel heard and empowered and understand more clearly their contribution to the greater whole.

Blending the science of change management with the art of human interaction like we do through L3 improves business performance.  Moreover, it also helps to fortify our people-centric culture throughout all parts of our business and fosters greater levels of engagement and fulfillment among our team members.

I assist some of our newer companies to make their first steps with the L3 journey. The moment I love most -- after some time teaching, coaching, leading -- is when I see the spark in the eyes of a person,who finally understands what Barry-Wehmiller’s L3 journey is all about. This special moment is the moment you are set up to achieve great things.

Mark Herden, L3 Leader - Europe