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Our Culture
Our Culture

A Truly Human Organization

Step inside any one of our 100 locations around the globe and you’ll feel it: a culture of care, compassion and human connection. Our commitment to our people-first culture runs deep and has inspired a leadership model that places a priority on improving the lives of the people who make our business possible.

We call it Truly Human Leadership and it stems from a deep-rooted belief that this is the way we are called to work and live. By sharing the story of our successful cultural and leadership model initiatives we intend to raise the awareness of other leaders about the power of business to have a profound positive impact on the world.

Better me, better we, better world!

I feel a sense of pride in the Barry-Wehmiller community, knowing that we are all part of one team pulling together toward a common goal. The business principles and values which shape the culture create an environment in which I can flourish!

Sarah Guptill, Marketing Coordinator