Our Community Listens becomes Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities, launches new website

New name reflects nonprofit’s mission, honors founders Cynthia and Bob Chapman

  • Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities

ST. LOUIS — May 12, 2021 — Our Community Listens has changed its name to the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (CFCC) and has launched a new website. The 10-year-old nonprofit provides individuals and organizations with transformational learning experiences designed to strengthen relationships, align teams and build stronger communities. The new name reflects this full continuum of training opportunities, while honoring the organization’s founders, Cynthia and Bob Chapman.

Bob Chapman is Chairman and CEO of St. Louis-based global manufacturing firm Barry-Wehmiller, which designed, for the business setting, the groundbreaking listening and relationship-building workshop offered by CFCC. This transformative core class now will be called Our Community Listens. Since 2010, CFCC has trained more than 11,000 individuals in connecting authentically and listening empathetically through this three-day course.

In recent years, CFCC has expanded on the success of its Our Community Listens workshops by providing additional in-person classes, interactive webinars, five-minute videos and more—all designed to deepen the impact of its teachings and meet individuals where they are.

"After 10 successful years, we are thrilled to expand our offerings to include other components of what it means to build a community of care,” said CFCC Executive Director Rebecca Buell, who has led the organization since 2018. “In addition to empathetic listening and authentic connection, we are excited to provide transformative learning experiences in leadership and service.”

In seeking opportunities for collective impact, both within and outside of organizations, CFCC works collaboratively with global partners—including those in education, military organizations, local governments and other nonprofits—to promote the kind of compassion that permeates throughout a community. Scott Air Force Base in Illinois shares this goal of developing empathetic leaders and strengthening communities, and has offered Our Community Listens trainings to its military staff and contractors for nine years.

“The CFCC culture of caring has given Scott Air Force Base an amazing gift that expands far beyond our airmen and joint partners by inspiring connections and building strength in our military members, their families and our community,” said Jamie Lee, Chief Master Sergeant, Scott Air Force Base. “You can’t quantify the meaningful effect that these trainings continue to have on our organization and our airmen.”