Barry-Wehmiller’s New Leadership Institute Addresses Growing Crisis of Workplace Unhappiness

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SAINT LOUIS— June 1, 2015—Recognized worldwide for the capital equipment and engineering solutions it has provided for more than a century, Barry-Wehmiller is garnering attention for a different kind of solution these days: how to create workplace cultures that lead to fulfilled, inspired and impassioned workforces. The manufacturing leader recently launched its BW Leadership Institute to provide training and resources to organizations looking to build people-centric cultures and unlock the potential that often goes untapped.

The first three pilot sessions of the Leadership Institute’s introductory course have sold out, drawing executives from organizations like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Roquette, Ariens, Accenture, MiTek Industries, and City of Clayton, MO, to name a few. Business leaders from as far away as South Africa have even travelled to St. Louis to participate.

“They created a wonderful manner to not only explore the Barry-Wehmiller way, but also connect with ourselves deeper. Their process, their passion and their authenticity were great to experience,” commented Mike Lewis after attending BW Leadership Institute training with leaders of Peninsula Beverage, the Home of Coca-Cola in South Africa.

‘The Barry-Wehmiller way’ is what sets BW Leadership Institute apart from typical organizational culture consulting firms. “We’re practitioners, not consultants,” explained Sara Hannah, BW Leadership Institute Managing Partner. “The training and coaching we offer is the same model we use internally at Barry-Wehmiller to transform culture. We have a unique opportunity to develop, refine, and improve, our process in every business we acquire. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned and provide the ‘how-to’ behind building a flourishing people-first culture.”

Since 1987, Barry-Wehmiller has acquired more than 75 companies and integrated its culture globally. During that period, privately-held Barry-Wehmiller has experienced significant growth and anticipates revenues will surpass $2 billion in 2015.

BW Leadership Institute’s offerings encompass the range of components critical to harmonizing an organization’s culture with the business it conducts and fostering that mindset throughout an entire organization. From two- and three-day workshops focused on enhancing interpersonal relationships and leadership skills, to training and coaching of team members to teach these same skills within an organization, to customized on-site sessions to establish a company’s vision or revamp continuous improvement practices, BW Leadership Institute offers the tools to impact real change within organizations.

“There are scores of leaders out there wanting to create workplaces that offer meaningful work, caring cultures, and the chance to collaborate to achieve something great. They simply don’t know how to get there,” commented Brian Wellinghoff, BW Leadership Institute Partner. “We look forward to sharing our global experiences in cultural transformations. When they’re ready to take those critical steps forward, we offer them BW Leadership Institute’s unique two-day introductory course, Beyond Benchmarking, offers participants an overview of the critical measures to implement cultural change as well as the chance to interact with other leaders trying to do the same. “We pull together people and organizations that normally would not get together. The dialogue that develops from that leaves everyone refreshed, enriched and inspired,” remarked Matt Whiat, BW Leadership Institute Partner. “While many industries and types of organizations are represented, they all are there because they believe in the same thing: the profound power of the organizations to have a positive impact on the lives they touch.”

Additionally, organizations can book a Leadership Institute team member through its Speakers Bureau to present Barry-Wehmiller’s cultural transformation model to their company or organization. Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO, is one of the speakers. “It is our hope that through the various offerings of the BW Leadership Institute we can build a better world by helping to build more caring organizations through Truly Human Leadership practices,” he shared. “We are excited to be taking what we’ve learned outside our walls and sharing it with organizations ready for positive change.”

Tom Manenti, Chairman and CEO of MiTek Industries, shared his thoughts after attending the Leadership Institute’s Beyond Benchmarking course: “More CEOs need to embrace the leadership philosophy that is being taught and lived out at Barry-Wehmiller. This is not just a ‘better’ way to lead, it is the ONLY way to lead!”

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