BW Leadership Institute changes name to Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, launches new website

  • Chapman & Co Leadership Institute

ST. LOUIS – Sept. 19, 2019 – The Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute has changed its name to Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute to honor Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO Bob Chapman and his “Truly Human Leadership” philosophy. Founded in 2015 to share the people-centric culture learnings of $3B global industrial manufacturing firm Barry-Wehmiller, Chapman & Co. has provided innovative trainings and events, assessments and consulting services for companies around the world, creating measurable impact in leadership development and organizational culture change.

Chapman, author of best-selling business book Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family, is committed to changing the way businesses treat their most valuable asset: their people. Through his Truly Human Leadership blog and regular speaking engagements, Chapman encourages organizations to strike a critical balance between people and performance.

“To know that the Chapman name will live on as a reminder of the good that business can do in this world is a gift I cannot put into words,” said Chapman. “We have built something of significance at Barry-Wehmiller, and I am proud that Chapman & Co. continually broadens its reach to help more companies foster caring cultures and grow leaders who understand their profound responsibility to those within their span of care.” 

Since its founding, Chapman & Co. has generated $18M in revenue and built an impressive client portfolio of 600-plus companies—including American Airlines, South Africa’s Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based grocery chain Meijer, the San Francisco 49ers and the 2019 Stanley Cup champions, the St. Louis Blues—while achieving noteworthy results.

Meijer has seen a 25 percent decrease in total store turnover since 2017. Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages has reduced lost time due to injuries onsite. The San Francisco 49ers organization has reduced turnover in key positions, increased scores across multiple dimensions of its “Best Places to Work” survey and experienced a more collaborative senior leadership team.

“What Chapman & Co. offers is not something that’s purely rooted in theory, but theory translated into a practical modality that is understandable and relatable by everybody,” said Thomas Rajan, Managing Director of Talent Strategy and People Development at American Airlines.

“We are continually inspired by Bob’s vision to change the world through business,” said Sara Hannah, Managing Partner of Chapman & Co. “We want to help organizations become places that bring out the best in their people. This name change is the start of a new chapter—we’re excited to see where it takes us.”