Forno Miotti Packages “Little Bites of Heaven” with Hayssen Flow Wrapper

  • BW Flexible Systems
DUNCAN, SC — April 5, 2016 — Italy-based Forno Miotti recently installed a Hayssen Schib CO50 packaging machine to support growing demand for their bakery products. Forno Miotti is a family-owned bakery established near Padua. Forno Miotti’s specialties are artisanal fruit tarts, full of flavor and fragrance, like homemade cakes, described by the bakery as “little bites of heaven.” Schib is a member of the Hayssen Flexible Systems' family of packaging companies.

Luca Tabaschi, production manager, explains his decision to turn to Schib. “In up-scaling our production we needed a dependable packaging machine that could offer us enough flexibility to pack our tarts selection. We opted for Schib because of their experience in the bakery industry. The Schib CO50 machine is extremely well-built and it ensures that we are able to meet our increased production requirements.”

Fharid Peron, sales executive at Schib, comments: “We are very proud to be part of the fantastic growth of Forno Miotti, an outstanding example of the Italian dedication to quality.”