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The Leadership Crisis (Animated)

This Inno-Versity Inno-Mation was adapted from Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman's talk on Truly Human Leadership.

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Truly Human Leadership : Bob Chapman at TEDxScottAFB

The company prides itself and is fiercely committed to building great people through its distinctive people-centric leadership initiatives and innovative learning institute, Barry-Wehmiller University.The 127-year-old company was named one of the Best Places to Work in St. Louis because of its programs in leadership and motivation.
Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO Bob Chapman AME Keynote 2013

Bob Chapman's Remarks to the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) in Toronto, Canada in November 2013.
Bob Chapman "Defining Moments"

An in depth look at the incredible career of Bob Chapman Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO and how "People Centric Leadership" relates to the future of business in America, presented to Washington University OLIN school of business.
Simon Sinek at Barry-Wehmiller's Pneumatic Scale Angelus

Simon Sinek's Remarks to Barry-Wehmiller's PneumaticScaleAngelus Team Members in Akron, Ohio in November 2013.
Simon Sinek, An Experiment in Humanity

Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author of "Start with Why" reflects on the unique power and potential of Barry-Wehmiller's people-centric vision.

Team Member Stories

Leaders@Work: Celebrating Sales Success

Barry-Wehmiller recognizes outstanding sales performance and leadership as seen in this story about recent Chris Larsen MVP Award winner, Ed Paben of FleetwoodGoldcoWyard.
Leaders@Work: Leadership Lesson Tim Sullivan

In this Barry-Wehmiller Leaders@Work episode "It's All About the Team," Group President Tim Sullivan is profiled for his 25 years of success as a Barry-Wehmiller leader.
Leaders@Work: Barry-Wehmiller's Competitive Edge

In this Leaders@Work segment, hear Bill Ury's interpretation of Barry-Wehmiller's distinctive culture after visiting its two Wisconsin subsidiaries, Paper Converting Machine Company and MarquipWardUnited.
Leaders@Work: Bridging the B-School Gap: Teaching Leaders to Lead

In this Leaders@Work segment, Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman shares his concerns about the way our nation's business schools are preparing future business leaders.
Leaders@Work: We Build Great Moms

In this Leaders@Work episode, Barry-Wehmiller celebrates the wonderful mothers within the organization who share how its people-centric culture makes them better moms.
Leaders@Work: Enriching Our Community: NORC

In this Leaders@Work segment, see how Barry-Wehmiller impacts lives in its community through the volunteer work of one of its Community Enrichment Teams.
Leaders@Work: Barry-Wehmiller Everyday Heroes - Craig Sabota

In this Everyday Heroes segment of Leaders@Work, see how Craig Sabota, an associate with Barry-Wehmiller's Paper Converting Machine Company, uses his leadership skills to help his young son flourish.
Leaders@Work: From Hearts to Hands

In this Barry-Wehmiller Leaders@Work episode, see how Barry-Wehmiller's Hearts To Hands Relief Fund provides assistance to the family of MarquipWardUnited team member Al Clark after a tragic accident.
Leaders@Work: The Road to Recognition

In this Leaders@Work segment, Barry-Wehmiller salutes the program leaders who spend countless hours executing the company's flagship employee recognition program, the Guiding Principles of Leadership SSR Award.
Leaders@Work: Passing the Culture Test

In this Leaders@Work segment, hear Georgetown and Washington University-St. Louis professors discuss the results of a survey which measured how Barry-Wehmiller's leadership model impacts its associates.
Leaders@Work: Leadership Lesson - Bob Chapman

In this Leadership Lesson segment of Leaders@Work, Barry-Wehmiller CEO and Chairman Bob Chapman shares a signal moment of his leadership journey in an excerpt from his "Truly Human Leadership" TEDx speech delivered May 30, 2012 at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.
Leaders@Work: Manufacturing a Renaissance

In this Leaders@Work episode, Barry-Wehmiller associates and members of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence discuss their collaboration to revitalize American manufacturing.
Leaders@Work: MarquipWardUnited Faces an Elephant

In this Leaders@Work segment, see how MarquipWardUnited team members collaborated across three continents to bring the Advantage Singlefacer to life.
Leaders@Work: Walking to Wellness

In this Leaders@Work segment, a Barry-Wehmiller team member shares his successes in using the Take Time To Take Care program to improve his health and wellbeing.
Leaders@Work: Deck the Halls with Donations

In this Leaders@Work segment, see the results of Barry-Wehmiller's Food Drive Challenge 2012—a monumental success any way you look at it!

Historical Documentary

Leadership Redefined Part One: The Journey Begins

From the company's humble beginnings as a bottle washer business in North St. Louis, through the transfer of power to Bob Chapman upon the death of his father, to the London IPO that provided hope for the future, A Thousand Mile Journey. Begins Barry-Wehmiller chronicles the chapter from 1885-1987. Experience the ups and downs of the early years of the business through firsthand accounts as told by Bob Chapman, Sandy Phelps, Don Whitlock, Phil Ostapowicz and others.
Leadership Redefined Part Two: Foundation for the Future

Foundation for the Future gives us insight into the world of Barry-Wehmiller during the 1990's. The near total financial collapse and dramatic recovery of the 80's left Barry-Wehmiller with one question. What will we do to prevent financial instability in the future? The result of the crude yet agile strategy that developed out of those times set the company on a path to unprecedented growth and unknowingly birthed a cultural shift which would dramatically change the way Barry-Wehmiller cared for its team members.