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Team Member Wellbeing

together we thrive.

Our goal is to send our team members home safe, well and fulfilled by their time with us. Our commitment is to the total wellbeing of our associates and their family members. Through our caring culture we seek to create an environment in which every one of us has the opportunity to thrive.

Keeping our friends safe.

Our motivation to promote safe work conditions goes beyond reducing loss-time accidents. In our environment of genuine care and concern, safety means making sure our friends stay out of harm’s way. That’s what inspired our Safety Covenant and Europe Health and Safety Charter years ago and keeps our teams looking for opportunities to eliminate unsafe situations every day.

Environmental and safety improvement reviews and training to improve safety and preparedness are offered regularly throughout Barry-Wehmiller’s locations.To celebrate our commitment to keeping our friends safe, our Corporate Safety Covenant Award is given to locations that have demonstrated 12 continuous months of safe work days. Currently 16 locations have achieved this safety milestone with some exceeding it by several years.

Inspiring wellness daily.

Deep commitment to helping our team members thrive means more than programs, resources and communications aimed at helping us develop physically, mentally and professionally. At Barry-Wehmiller, we challenge ourselves to take our wellbeing journey one step further—in the direction of the people whose lives we touch daily. Our Vision of Wellbeing calls us to inspire those around us to commit to a lifestyle of positive health choices every day.

Our comprehensive approach to total wellbeing targets five areas: physical, social, career, community and financial. We offer a comprehensive health improvement program including physical and mental wellbeing assessments, biometric screenings, behavior change tools, and individual and team challenges. Our expanded benefit offerings include a wellness program to encourage, educate and support our team members’ efforts to develop healthy habits for themselves and their families and access to the services of a healthcare cost transparency company enabling our team members make smarter, more cost-effective decisions about their healthcare providers.

Through a caring culture that places a priority on the safety, wellbeing and fulfillment of every team member, we strive to create an organization through which we can live well and thrive—together!

I've tried to convince myself that I didn’t need our wellness program to motivate me to stay fit. I couldn't be more wrong. Wearing my fitbug offers a little reminder that I do have control over my health and wellness. Our wellness program will ensure that I can enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come.

Dale Young, Manufacturing Team Leader