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shine a light on good leadership.

Celebrating our team members for their contributions is a pillar of our Truly Human Leadership culture as it is one of the most important ways we let them know they matter. And while several of Barry-Wehmiller’s many recognition programs acknowledge measured performance, our most prestigious award allows us to shine a light into the corners of our organization in search of individuals who significantly contribute to our unique measure of success - by touching the lives of others.

Our Guiding Principles of Leadership SSR Award recognizes team members whose thoughts, words and actions embody the tenets of our people-centric culture. Each year, within our corporate headquarters and at most of our ten business units, several GPL SSR winners are named after a peer-nominated selection process. All of the team members at the location are invited to the elaborate award celebrations, which often involve the winner’s family and special gifts reflecting the event’s theme or his or her personality.  During the celebration, winners are awarded keys to a unique vehicle (originally a Chevy SSR) to drive for a week. While the distinctive car is a wonderful reward for the GPL SSR winners, it also serves to draw attention throughout the community to their contributions as inspirational leaders within a culture committed to making all its team members feel valued.

Winning the GPL SSR Award was a career highlight. I passionately believe in the GPL and work my hardest each day to demonstrate those behaviors. Being recognized with GPL SSR Award made me believe I was capable of being a leader, and it inspires me to work harder every day to improve.

Paul Lapreziosa, Senior Project Leader