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caring is contagious.

A natural extension of our caring culture is the desire to pay it forward. In fact, a survey of Barry-Wehmiller team members conducted by Georgetown and Washington University-St. Louis leadership professors in 2011 revealed a significant outcome of our Truly Human Leadership culture:  70% of our team members who felt like “their lives had been touched” through their association with Barry-Wehmiller were more altruistic. In other words, the love and care they felt at work made them want to extend love and care to others, both inside and outside Barry-Wehmiller.

Community Enrichment Teams

Our commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the communities in which we operate is very important to us. Throughout our global organization, Community Enrichment Teams identify local charities and programs for our team members to support together as a family. By offering opportunities through which they can donate their time, financial assistance and talent, we contribute making our communities better, touch the lives of people we help and create fulfilling experiences for our team members.

Hearts to Hands Relief Fund

Our commitment to caring for people in need extends to our own Barry-Wehmiller community and those within it who experience unexpected financial hardships. Perhaps there’s been a tragic loss of life, a fire that causes significant property damage, or a devastating car accident. The Hearts to Hand Relief Fund was established in 2012 to help team members who face financial challenges from devastating or unforeseen circumstances. Associates contribute to the charitable fund so that their fellow team members in need can receive grants to cover basic living needs such as housing payments, utility bills or medical expenses not covered by insurance. Events are held throughout the year to raise Hearts to Hands funds and many team members contribute on an ongoing basis through payroll deduction. Supporting our fellow team members through tough times—financially and emotionally-- is a natural extension of a culture centered around care, compassion and human connection.

Volunteering was something I had always wanted to do, but truly didn’t have the time as a single parent raising two kids. How great is it to work for a company that allows its associates to volunteer during working hours! It satisfies my heart in such a way that I find myself becoming more and more involved.

Donna Reese, Contract Administrator