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How do we ensure that the Truly Human Leadership culture we’ve cultivated lasts for generations to come? That was CEO Bob Chapman’s response when a team member questioned him about his greatest fear. Our solution? Transform our emerging people-centric culture into an enduring ethos through a continuous learning program that teaches the precepts of Truly Human Leadership. By deeply connecting our people to our vision and equipping them with the skills, behaviors and attitudes needed to motivate themselves and inspire others, we could grow and sustain our leadership vision throughout our global organization.

Barry-Wehmiller University launched in 2007 with a focus not on traditional training classes but rather personal growth experiences that educate associates in our distinctive brand of inspirational leadership, culture and sustainable business strategies.  Courses are offered across three schools: Leadership Development, L3 and Culture of Service School. BWU professors are Barry-Wehmiller team members who choose to share their gifts and talents with students chosen through a selective entrance process. Classes combine individual reflection, experiential learning, team-building interaction and ongoing peer coaching. None of the classes are required, however, all are highly desired because of the personal growth they bring about in our team members.

Originally designed for Barry-Wehmiller associates only, BWU’s classes have proven to be so transformational for our team members that in 2011 we began offering our flagship course, Communications Skills Training, to people outside the organization. Since then, we have taught the course to leaders within health care, our military, private and public enterprise as well as nonprofits. By sharing what we've learned with like-minded organizations and individuals, we bring to life Barry-Wehmiller University’s vision of using the power of business to build a better world.

Unlike my experience in other training, this isn’t fading. The follow-up process, ongoing coaching and connection to peers have helped me apply what I’ve learned and sustain the changes.

Dave Wall, Engineering Leader


Classes for Team Members

The Leadership Development School

Communications Skills Training (CST): The foundational course of BWU, this three-day course is designed to improve team members’ interpersonal communications skills with considerable focus on effective listening.

Leadership Fundamentals: This two-part two or three week course, taught over the span of several months, is designed to equip frontline team leaders as well as informal leaders with the skills, behaviors and attitudes that define a true Barry-Wehmiller leader.

People Development Training: This two-day course is designed to give leaders of teams a robust toolset for guiding team members’ personal growth.

Culture of Service School

Culture of Service Foundations (COSF): This two-day course is designed to help associates build a mindset of seizing every opportunity to serve—customers, fellow team members, anyone within their sphere of influence.

L3 School

L3 Fundamentals: This two-week, two-section course is designed to expand associates’ understanding of Barry-Wehmiller’s unique approach to Lean principles, known as our Living Legacy of Leadership, in order to lead change within the organization.

Leading in an L3 Culture:  This three-day course helps senior leaders appreciate the skills and processes necessary to lead teams within our expanding L3 culture.

The Communications Skills and Culture of Service courses taught me to be a better listener, to be more deliberate in the interactions I have with my family. What I learned has helped me be more in tune with the things they need and better able to serve them.

Heidi Oelrich, Marketing Leader